In 2011 I walked the distance of the High Line each week, photographing the plants and working from those photographs to create a linocut for each week of the year.

The experience of visiting the same place every week for a year became a meditation. I walked the same path each week, sometimes looking at, and photographing the same plants for several months before finding an image to make a print from. There are trees that I developed intimate relationships with, watching them slowly turn from fallow twigs to lush leaf and flower filled branches, and back again to fallow twigs. Looking at the same plants for a year showed me details that I wouldn’t have seen on the first or second pass – the colors of a stamen, or how mathematically perfect a leaf structure was. There were surprises – wondering what the menacing pods by the 14th Street stairway would be, and, one day seeing that they had turned into lovely pink hibiscus flowers.

The prints displayed here, in chronological order, are a record of a year spent looking at a tiny piece of land, always in flux.